BAP Advisory to Trading Participants: Inclusion of Done Deals in the calculation of PHP BVAL Reference Rates



BAP Advisory to Trading Participants

Inclusion of Done Deals in the calculation of PHP BVAL Reference Rates

We are pleased to announce that commencing today, November 9, 2018, PHP BVAL Reference Rates calculations already include rates from done deals for transactions with notional amounts equal to or greater than PHP 50 Million.  This transaction cut-off of PHP50 Million is consistent with the previous transaction cut-off set for the calculation of PDST rates for individual trades.  The delay in (more)

Advisory from the BAP to Trading Participants

Advisory to Trading Participants

1.    Published BVAL rates:

Please be advised that the BAP’s PHP BVAL Reference Rates (for Benchmark Tenors and for Government Securities) are now available on the terminals of Bloomberg, the Calculation Agent, and the website of PDEx, the Publication Agent.

       a. On the Bloomberg terminals:

i. For the PHP BVAL Reference Rates for Government Securities, there are 3 PHP BVAL values displayed/published: 

  • BVAL Bid – is calculated from outstanding bids posted by market participants on the Bloomberg fixed (more)

Launch of the New BAP PhP BVAL Reference Rates

Please be advised that effective Monday, October 29, 2018, the Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP) will launch its new set of reference rates, the PHP BVAL Reference Rates to replace the current set of PDST Reference Rates (PDST-R1 & PDST-R2).

With the retirement of the PDST Reference Rates, PDEx shall cease to perform the daily calculation and publication of these rates after the last sets are published at the end of day of Friday, October 26, 2018.  Please note that while the daily calculation and publication will cease, for parties interested in the historical data, the pages for the (more)