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Double Dragon Properties Corp. (DD)
DD Meridian Park Bay Area, Brgy. 76 Zone 10, San Rafael,
Pasay City, Metro Manila 1302

Listed Outstanding Securities

Security Name
Series Code
Amount Issued
Coupon Rate
Coupon Frequency
Coupon Date
Admission Type
Admission Date
Market Maker
Broker Specialists (Issue-specific)
DD Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2026 DD 26 R23PhP 5.3 B5.9721%4Mar 15
Jun 15
Sep 15
Dec 15
Listing15-Dec-16 BPIM-
DD Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2024DD 24 R22PhP 9.7 B6.0952%4Jan 21
Apr 21
July 21
Oct 21

Matured or Redeemed Securities


Filing Date
Disclosure No.
Listed Issuer
Disclosure Title
03/25/2019707-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 707-2019 - Press Release: "Hotel101-Cebu Completes DoubleDragon’s Hotel Portfolio Target of 5,000 Rooms"
03/25/2019701-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 701-2019 - Cash Dividend Declaration
03/15/2019647-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 647-2019 - Press Release: DoubleDragon Secures Its License to Sell for Hotel 101-Davao Today
03/04/2019510-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 510-2019 - Notice of Record Date - DD Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2026 (March 13, 2019)
02/01/2019306-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 306-2019 - Summary of the Application of Proceeds from the Preferred Shares Offering
02/01/2019305-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 305-2019 - Summary of the Application of Proceeds from the Follow-on Offering
01/16/2019199-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 199-2019 - Public Ownership Report as of December 31, 2018
01/16/2019198-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 198-2019 - Top 100 Stockholders as of December 31, 2018
01/16/2019197-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 197-2019 - Disbursement of Proceeds and Report of Factual Findings on the Application of Proceeds from the Preferred Shares Offering and Follow-on Offering
01/15/2019161-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 161-2019 - Press Release: CityMall Commercial Centers, Inc. and WWF-Philippines
Partner for Renewable Energy - WWF Information Kiosks to Locate in 100 CityMalls by 2020
01/09/2019088-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 088-2019 - Press Release: "DoubleDragon partners with Cargill to develop industrial facilities"
01/09/2019078-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 078-2019 - Notice of Record Date - DD Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2024 (January 17, 2019)
01/03/2019012-2019DoubleDragon Properties Corp. Disclosure No. 012-2019 - Clarification of News Article: "DoubleDragon aims to generate over P10-B revenues this year"

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