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Rockwell Land Corporation (ROCK)
The Garage at Rockwell Center, Estrella Drive, Makati City

Listed Outstanding Securities

Name of Security
Series Code
Amount Issued
Coupon Rate
Coupon Frequency
Coupon Dates
Types of Admission
Admission Date
Market Makers
Broker Specialists (Issue-Specific)
ROCK Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2021ROCK 21 R19PhP 5.0 B5.0932%4Nov 15
Feb 15
May 15
Aug 15

Matured or Redeemed Securities


Filing Date
Disclosure No.
Listed Issuer
Disclosure Title
03/14/2019622-2019Rockwell Land CorporationDisclosure No. 622-2019 - Results of Board Meeting: Notice and Agenda of Annual Stockholders' Meeting on May 29, 2019, Record Date on April 05, 2019; Nomination of Directors; 2018 Consolidated Audited Financial Statements
01/15/2019164-2019Rockwell Land CorporationDisclosure No. 164-2019 - Top 100 Stockholders as of December 31, 2018
01/15/2019163-2019Rockwell Land CorporationDisclosure No. 163-2019 - Public Ownership Report as of December 31, 2018
01/10/2019090-2019Rockwell Land CorporationDisclosure No. 090-2019 - Certificate of Board Attendance for the Year 2018

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