Join a team shaping a global-standard infrastructure in the local financial market!

The Philippine Dealing System Holdings Corp (“PDS Group”) is a private corporation tasked to reshape the architecture of the Philippine financial markets to meet the needs of public investors while abiding with best international standards.

The PDS Group has three operating subsidiaries:

  • Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp. (PDEx) – an entity that operates electronic trading platforms for securities;
  • Philippine Depository & Trust Corp. (PDTC) – one that provides securities depository, registry and custody services and;
  • Philippine Securities Settlement Corp. (PSSC) – the company that provides electronic settlement facilities with straight through process and delivery vs. payment capabilities.

The PDS Group manages or operates electronic trading and settlement platforms in the Philippine’s Debt Securities and Foreign Exchange markets, and performs key  post-settlement   functions for the Debt and Equity markets through its electronic Depository, Registry and Custody services. The large value of financial transactions coursed through the Group’s collective platforms make these important to the Philippine financial system.

The Group’s shareholders are all institutions that are established leaders across the sectors of finance, manufacturing and technology. The Group actively interacts with financial market regulators and participants in its effort to build the venue where Investors may have a wider array of financial instruments and Issuers have an efficient medium to raise capital for their company’s requirements.

As it continues its mission to provide a complete financial market infrastructure, the PDS Group seeks smart and motivated individuals to fill positions in our expanding company.

Interested applicants may email their comprehensive resumes to


1. Compliance and Surveillance Officer

Monitor and report compliance of Trading Participants and listed Issuers with the PDEx Rules supplemented by the SRC and its IRR.

Duties and Responsibilities

a. To monitor and report compliance:

  • Monitoring compliance of Trading Participants with the PDEx Rules supplemented by SRC and the IRR
  • Monitoring compliance of Issuers to the disclosure obligations under the PDEx Rules
  • Monitoring of reports/news/material information about the listed Issuers in PDEx and preparing of summary report for determining the need to request for clarification
  • Monitoring, detecting, and analyzing market behavior to determine whether there is aberrant or unusual trading activity
  • Publishing of disclosures filed by the Issuers in the PDS website
  • Preparing reports with regard to compliance
  • Creating and maintaining databases and reports
  • Conducting of briefings and preparing of presentation materials for new issuers

b. To provide assistance in the following:

  • Providing the necessary data and information for the investigation process
  • Interpreting and analyzing the data for the investigation process
  • Identifying, developing and implementing surveillance policies, procedures, guidelines and training materials to assure compliance with applicable regulations and to maximize efficiency.
  • Liaising with the Associated Persons, Corporate Information Officers (CIOs), Deputy CIOs and the different departments of PDEx and the regulatory agencies for the coordination of the monitoring, enforcement, and investigation.
  • Performing other assignments for PDEx as may be required.

Job Specifications

  • College graduate
  • Knowledgeable on laws, rules and regulations pertaining to Exchanges, Securities Laws and other related regulations.
  • Working knowledge of the operations of an entity dealing in fixed income securities
  • Experience in trading (buying or selling) of fixed income instruments is an advantage
  • CFA and/or BAP Certified Money Market Professional is an advantage.
  • Excellent command of the English language, verbal and written
  • Expert on MS Office especially Excel and PowerPoint
  • Must have the ability to work efficiently in a high pressure environment
  • Must possess an analytical mind and can exercise mature judgment
  • Must have the skill to maintain good client relations, internal and external including co-employees, regulators, investors and market and bourse participants.
  • Ability to handle a variety of changing situations

2. Network Specialist 

  • Provide 2nd level support for network, telecommunication and security administration both for internal PDS and external users (PDS customers)
  • Perform routine network administration and operation

Duties and Responsibilities

a. Network and Admin Functions

1. Perform administrative functions

  • Firewalls
    • Perform FW user access profiling and configuration
    • Create new users
    • Change profiles (server access, routes, translations and VPN)
  • Perform security system backups
  • Perform network security administration of the following systems (anti-virus, firewalls, internet proxy)
  • Submit service, availability and incident reports.
  • Connectivity
    • Perform network equipment access profiling and configuration
    • Perform network equipment system backups
    • Perform network administration of the following systems (core and distribution switches, routers, modems)

2. Responsible for LAN/WAN planning installation, troubleshooting and repair that covers all routing and switching requirement.

b. Support Functions

1. Perform onsite client or PDS user support activities

  • Connectivity installation, troubleshooting and/or testing.

2. Submit service, availability and incident reports.

3. Perform network infra security monitoring (network servers, file servers, domain controller, Lotus Notes and telco lines) by checking the system on an hourly basis.

  • SOD

c. Secondary Functions (for Sr. Shift Engineers only):

1. Perform special projects and assignment under the guidance of the direct or indirect supervisors.

    • Strictly comply with all policies and procedures affecting IT
    • Strictly comply with Connectivity and Services Methodology
    • Escalate operational issues / problems immediate superiors (direct or indirect reports)
    • Maintain a high quality customer support
    • On-time delivery of network and security projects
    • Zero intrusion incidents
    • On-time delivery of system reports
    • Comply with IT Operations Policies and Procedures
    • Continuously make recommendations on service quality improvements
    • Participate in the preparation for internal and external audits
    • Participate in service quality meetings and training activities
    • Contribute to inter-sectional teamwork to maintain high level service quality
    • Familiar with duties and responsibilities / job description as well as of the company’s vision, mission and objectives

Job Specifications

  • Bachelor in Computer Engineering, Electronic or IT graduate. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) – Preferred
  • 3 year experience in network administration and operations
  • Exposures in security administration and operations (FW and Antivirus system)
  • 2 years’ experience in desktop support and operations
  • 1 year experience in server administration using Windows and Linux
  • Knowledgeable in email or SMTP system operations (Lotus Notes, preferred)
  • Knowledgeable in Internet technologies
  • Knowledgeable on PABX administration and operations
  • Competent in technical functions (configuration and trouble shooting) for networking, desktop and server support functions
  • Highly competent and knowledgeable in networking and security concepts and fundamentals

3. Corporate Actions Staff

Execute ‘maker’ functions in processing Depository, Registry & Custody related issues particularly that which deals with corporate actions. From time to time, handle projects, reports and other operations-related duties as may be assigned by the Corporate Actions Head/Officer/Transactions Process Group Head

Duties and Responsibilities

a. Functions

  • Monitoring of PSE Circulars
  • Data entry for NOTESQ messages
  • Data entry for CA events in the system
  • Monitoring of entitlements for upcoming CA events/coupon/maturity payments
  • Monitoring & submission of Withholding Tax Summary report for cash dividends
  • Processing of stock and cash dividend payments
  • Processing of proxy assignments
  • Processing of stock rights issues
  • Processing of other CA events – stock split, merger, etc
  • Processing of coupon/maturity payments for issues under Registry/SubRegistry
  • Processing of coupon/maturity payments for issues under Depository
  • Processing of IPO/Follow-on Offerings
  • Instructing generation of credit advice to entitled holders under Registry
  • Processing of Pending coupon/maturity payments
  • Reconciliation of payment bank balances (Maker)

b. Risk Management and Compliance

  • In conjunction with the Group Compliance Officer and Group Risk Officer, ensure, without fail, that the unit’s daily operations and procedures are in total compliance with the PDS Group of companies’ policies and with local laws.
  • Conduct a regular review of the unit’s processes and recommend changes to address current needs and practices. Identify, monitor, report and control risks.
  • Escalate operational issues/problems to immediate superior

c. Service Quality

  • Ensure implementation of service quality measurements as well as formulation of enhancements leading to excellence in service quality via good ideas, quality improvement projects, application enhancement requests and similar improvement initiatives, recommendations and actions.
  • Ascertain preparedness of the Unit to undergo internal and external audits, i.e., handle preparation including review and analysis of findings, if any, and implementation of recommendations.
  • Lead and/or participate in regular meetings to review operations and service quality.

d. Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

Assist in the development, maintenance and testing of business continuity and disaster recovery plans of the Unit. Contribute to the success of the Unit’s BCP through actively participating in and testing of the BCP, monitoring and supervising assigned BCP related activities, assist in ensuring that adequate resources are made available, and assist in making certain that the BCP is doable and workable. Should be conversant and knowledgeable of the most updated BCP document and secure a copy at place of residence (as appropriate).

e. Other Functions

  • Other duties and responsibilities that may be assigned from time to time.

Job Specifications

  • College graduate
  • Fair knowledge of the local securities market particularly that which pertains to corporate actions / asset servicing (fixed income and equities). Preferably with at least 3 years experience in Custody / Depository / Registry Operations and background on systems used.
  • Fair knowledge of laws, rules and regulations pertaining to Custody / Depository / Registry Operations and the securities market in general
  • A fair appreciation of the general economic, political and business environment of the Philippines including up-to-date and good grasp of the local securities industry, its structure, regulations and its nuances / peculiarities
  • Must have the skill to maintain good client relations, internal and external including co-employees, regulators, investors and market participants such as custodians, brokers/dealers, etc.
  • Good oral and written communications skills in English
  • Computer literate
  • Must possess an analytical mind and can exercise mature judgment
  • Must have the ability to work efficiently in a high pressure environment
  • Fair knowledge of the reports required to be submitted to regulators and related agencies pertaining to Custody / Depository / Registry Operations including the reportorial requirements of the BSP, the SEC’s Securities Regulations Code and its Implementing Rules and Regulations and the Anti-Money Laundering Law among others
  • Preferably with a good understanding of the Philippine Depository and Trust Corporation’s business / role in the securities market
  • Willing to work overtime and handle multi-tasking functions

4. AIX and Linux Systems Administrator

Overall group management and direction, operational issues, projects and reports.

Duties and Responsibilities 

a. Monitors the compliance of concerned parties to the unit’s policies, procedures and service level commitments.

b. Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all servers and related equipment

  • Status monitoring of servers and its peripherals and devices
  • Detection, escalation and resolution of server related problems in coordination with vendor support groups and personnel.

c. Responsible for all server and related equipment operation and maintenance, performance and security administration functions to ensure that they are secured, operationally available and performing according to standards, policies and procedures.

  • Server security management
    • Access controls which include:
      • Password
      • Group
      • Device, directories and file
      • Service ports availability
      • Network connectivity
    • Auditing of security records such as logs, journals, etc. for any security breaches or any unauthorized access attempts
    • Monitoring of new system vulnerabilities and the sourcing, testing and implementation of corresponding patches.
  • Server operation and performance administration
    • Allocate resource to users and application systems which includes memory and disk space.
    • Monitor and analyze server system performance and status per established benchmarks.
    • Tunes or changes the configuration parameters to improve system performance.
  • Server maintenance
    • Install and configure operating system and other system software.
    • Install and configure server, peripherals and devices.
    • Upgrade and configure operating system and other system software.
    • Upgrade and configure server, peripherals and devices.
    • Ensure that all maintenance agreements are updated.
  • Backup and recovery
    • Prepares procedures on backup and recovery of servers.

d. Responsible for establishing a secure and efficient server-to-server and server-to-client system link

  • Between client and PDS systems
  • Between process partners (ex. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Bureau of Treasury, etc.) and PDS systems
  • Between PDS systems

e.   Responsible for the inventory and record-keeping of related documents of server hardware and software

  • Hardware and software acquisition
  • Hardware and software upgrade
  • Hardware relocation

f.  Responsible for the monitoring, evaluation, testing and implementation of new technologies and techniques within the area of specialization.

g. Prepares statistical and management reports concerning the unit’s operations

h. Assists the Sr. AIX and Linux Administrator in

  • Formulation of policies and procedures concerning the daily operations of the unit.
  • Formulation, testing and implementation of disaster recovery plans and procedures.
  • Formulation of application and server system backup and recovery plans and procedures
  • Resource requirement definition and capacity planning for all server requirements of PDS.
  • Server security management functions such as operating systems hardening, etc.
  • Procurement of resources needed for the daily operations of the unit.

i.  Performs tasks as may be assigned from time to time by immediate superiors.

Job Specifications

  • Any bachelor’s degree preferably in computer science, computer engineering, computer technology or related disciplines
  • Minimum two (2) years’ experience in server systems administration and security management
  • Knowledge in technical report writing
  • Ability to communicate, verbally and in written form, and interact with internal and external clients.
  • Systems administration and security management experience on the following:
    • AIX Version 5.3 or higher
    • Redhat Linux
    • VMWare/Cloud server infrastructure
    • Storage Management Systems
    • System Security/Monitoring softwares
  • Knowledge in server maintenance and upgrade
  • Knowledge in data communication and networking concepts and technologies

5. L1 Support Specialist

To provide on-demand technical assistance and support for internal and external technology users via chat, telephone and email. This includes software, hardware and operational support to ensure minimal down time and greatest business user productivity.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • User Administrator function for Application Systems
    • User administration (creation, deletion/termination and update)
    • User access administration (profile and password administration)
    • Forced logout execution


  • Global system parameter configuration
    • Execution of Start and End of Day processes
    • Calendar Maintenance
    • Holiday Setup
    • ISIN Creation and Maintenance


  • Participant enrollment and maintenance
    • Firm Creation/ Update and Delete
  • SATTs and PICs enrollment and maintenance
    • SATTs and PICs endorsement
    • PIC activation/ update


  • Provide technical assistance and support for all technology users for application/network/hardware/ issues
    •  Assist business clients and internal staff with problems relating to daily or routine technology usage
    • Analyze symptoms the user is reporting
    • Determine and provide appropriate initial support including incident details assessment and finding quick resolution including any work around
    • Determine when incident requires escalation to a higher level of support or field service technical support

e. Other Functions:

  • Familiarity with the functionalities of PDS Applications
  • Assists in the preparation user documentation (user manuals, user guides, FAQ, etc.)
  • Assists in system rollouts
  • Conducts testing and other technical matters for various PDS systems
  • System admin functions
  • Fail over
  • Stress testing
  • Assists in market-wide testing
  • Assists in the conduct of user trainings

Job Specifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Management
  • At least 1 year work experience as:
    • Helpdesk Representative
    • Maintenance Specialist
    • Customer Support Specialist
    • Technical Support Specialist
  • Business understanding
    • Understands overall PDS platform and what business each application play in the life cycle of a trade, pre and post trade activities
  • Analysis
    • Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions
    • Research, evaluate, and provide feedback on problematic trends and patterns in customer support requirements
    • Root Cause Analysis Reporting
  • Technical
    • Basic understanding of application systems, networks and integration
  • Communication
    • Communicate politely and effectively both written and orally
    • Coordinate effectively with user personnel and management at all levels
    • Respond effectively to user inquiries or complaints
  • Work and Relationship Management
    • Can prioritize tasks and efficiently manage time
    • Exercise good judgment and effectiveness in working with a high performing team
    • Ability to work on multiple tasks with minimal supervision
    • Develop, maintain, and promote strong internal and external relationships