Join a team shaping a global-standard infrastructure in the local financial market!

The Philippine Dealing System Holdings Corp (“PDS Group”) is a private corporation tasked to reshape the architecture of the Philippine financial markets to meet the needs of public investors while abiding with best international standards.

The PDS Group has three operating subsidiaries:

  • Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp. (PDEx) – an entity that operates electronic trading platforms for securities;
  • Philippine Depository & Trust Corp. (PDTC) – one that provides securities depository, registry and custody services and;
  • Philippine Securities Settlement Corp. (PSSC) – the company that provides electronic settlement facilities with straight through process and delivery vs. payment capabilities.

The PDS Group manages or operates electronic trading and settlement platforms in the Philippine’s Debt Securities and Foreign Exchange markets, and performs key  post-settlement   functions for the Debt and Equity markets through its electronic Depository, Registry and Custody services. The large value of financial transactions coursed through the Group’s collective platforms make these important to the Philippine financial system.

The Group’s shareholders are all institutions that are established leaders across the sectors of finance, manufacturing and technology. The Group actively interacts with financial market regulators and participants in its effort to build the venue where Investors may have a wider array of financial instruments and Issuers have an efficient medium to raise capital for their company’s requirements.

As it continues its mission to provide a complete financial market infrastructure, the PDS Group seeks smart and motivated individuals to fill positions in our expanding company.

Interested applicants may email their comprehensive resumes to


There are no open positions as of the moment.