Megaworld Corporation
Megaworld Corporation (MEG)
28/F The World Centre, 330 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City 1227

Listed Outstanding Securities

Security Name
Series Code
Amount Issued
Coupon Rate
Coupon Frequency
Coupon Dates
Admission Type
Admission Date
Market Makers
Broker Specialists
MEG Fixed Rate Series B Bonds Due 2024MEG 24 R22PhP 12.0 B5.3535%2Mar 28
Sep 28


Matured or Redeemed Securities

Security Name
Series Code
Amount Issued
Coupon Rate
Coupon Frequency
Coupon Dates
Admission Type
Admission Date
Market Makers
Broker Specialists (Issue-Specific)
MEG Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2015MEG 05-15PhP5.0B8.4600%2Nov 18
May 18
ListingNovember 25, 2009HBPHHBPH


Filing Date
Disclosure No.
Listed Issuer
Disclosure Title
12/18/20183335-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 3335-2018 - Certificate of Attendance of Director to Corporate Governance Seminar
12/10/20183259-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 3259-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Build EDSA-Makati's Tallest Residential Tower - 57 Storey Vion Tower Set to Stand Out among EDSA's Tallest, Future-Ready Skycrapers
11/26/20183172-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 3172-2018 - Certificate of Attendance of Directors and Key Officers to Corporate Governance Seminar
11/12/20183038-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 3038-2018 - Quarterly Report for Period Ended September 30, 2018 (SEC FORM 17-Q)
11/12/20183037-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 3037-2018 - Press Release: "Megaworld sustains growth momentum as 3Q profits soar 13% to P11.7B - Rental revenues bolster profits; residential growth sustained"
10/23/20182882-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2882-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Commemorates History in the Battle of Mactan with New Residential Tower at the Mactan Newtown - The 20-storey La Victoria Global Residences is Named After Spanish Galleon that Reached Cebu Island in 1521 and Became First to Circumnavigate the World
10/22/20182876-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2876-2018 - Notice of Analysts' Briefing on November 15, 2018 re: 9M 2018 Financial and Operating Results
10/22/20182874-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2874-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Launches First Residential Condo in Cavite's Maple Grove - ‘The Verdin at Maple Grove’ Highlights Sustainability Features Amidst ‘green’, Makati-Inspired CBD in General Trias, Cavite
10/16/20182830-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2830-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Bring Belmont Hotel in Iloilo Business Park - Fourth Hotel under Megaworld’s homegrown Belmont Brand to Add 405 Hotel Rooms in Iloilo City
10/15/20182797-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2797-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Build 4th Residential Development in Uptown Bonifacio - The P10-B Uptown Arts Residence to Rise beside the Proposed Skytrain & Mega Manila Subway; Just a Walking Distance from Uptown Mall and Uptown Parade
10/12/20182781-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2781-2018 - Top 100 Stockholders as of September 30, 2018
10/12/20182777-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2777-2018 - Public Ownership Report as of September 30, 2018
10/09/20182742-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2742-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Ramps Up Projects in P35-B Arcovia City; Launches First Condo Tower - Along with 18 Avenue de Triomphe Residential Rower, 12.3-Hectare Township also Highlights the Oconic ‘Arco de Emperador’, Cozy Lifestyle Mall and State-of-the-Art Office Towers
10/02/20182664-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2664-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Build P500-M Luxury Boutique Hotel in Bacolod - Old Heritage Houses Inside the Sugar Central Compound to Form Part of the Hotel
09/18/20182571-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2571-2018 - Notice of Record Date - MEG Fixed Rate Series B Bonds Due 2024 (September 26, 2018)
09/04/20182483-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2483-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Build 25-Storey Tower for JPMorgan Chase Bank's Philippine Global Service Center - Long-Term Lease is 'Biggest Single Office Lease Transaction' in Both Value and Space Take-Up in Philippine Real Estate History
08/20/20182417-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2417-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Adds More Residential Units in Iloilo Business Park - As Demand Booms in Iloilo, More Buyers Look for Properties Inside Megaworld’s 72-Hectare Township
08/08/20182277-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2277-2018 - Quarterly Report for Period Ended June 30, 2018 (SEC FORM 17-Q)
08/08/20182276-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2276-2018 - Press Release: "Megaworld’s 1H Profits Up 12% to P7.51B - Hotel business grew faster during the period as Megaworld expands hotel portfolio"
07/30/20182170-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2170-2018 - Press Release: "MEGAWORLD TO BUILD BACOLOD’S ‘ICONIC CBD’; LAUNCHES 1ST CONDO DEV’T FOR THE UPPER EAST - ‘ONE REGIS’ to offer 212 exclusive units with first-class amenities"
07/25/20182133-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2133-2018 - Press Release: "MEGAWORLD LAUNCHES SECOND TOWER OF PARK MCKINLEY WEST - First tower units sold out in just two months; property price already increased by 15-percent"
07/24/20182126-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2126-2018 - Notice of Analysts' Briefing on August 10, 2018 re: Half Year 2018 Financial and Operating Results
07/16/20182057-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2057-2018 - Press Release: "MEGAWORLD OPENS COMMUNITY MALLS IN MAKATI, ALABANG - San Lorenzo Place, Three Central and The Village Square offer around 26,500 sqm of retail spaces"
07/12/20182025-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2025-2018 - Public Ownership Report as of June 30, 2018
07/12/20182010-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2010-2018 - Top 100 Stockholders as of June 30, 2018
07/12/20182002-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2002-2018 - Acquisition of Stateland, Inc. by Suntrust Properties Inc.
07/12/20182001-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 2001-2018 - Clarification of News Article: "Megaworld's Suntrust acquires Stateland"
07/10/20181978-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1978-2018 - Press Release: "Megaworld's Suntrust acquires Stateland, Inc."
07/02/20181899-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1899-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld opens 17th mall in Iloilo Business Park - The P2.2-B Festive Walk Mall to feature cinemas with ‘butler service’, pet-friendly facilities and indoor gardens
06/25/20181841-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1841-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Open P5-B Savoy Hotel in Newport City This Month - Company’s 2nd Savoy Hotel to cater to business travelers, airport passengers
06/21/20181825-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1825-2018 - Initial Statement of Beneficial Ownership of Securities - June 2018 (SEC FORM 23-A)
06/18/20181801-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1801-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Group doubles residential launches to P80-B this year - For first 5 months of 2018, reservation sales already reached P73-b
06/18/20181800-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1800-2018 - Results of Organizational Meeting
06/18/20181799-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1799-2018 - Results of ASM: Election of Directors, Appointment of External Auditor
06/11/20181761-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1761-2018 - Declaration of Cash Dividend
06/08/20181754-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1754-2018 - ASM scheduled on June 15, 2018 will push through despite declaration of a holiday
06/08/20181751-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1751-2018 - Declaration of Cash Dividend
06/04/20181668-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1668-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld launches First Residential Development in Capital Town Pampanga - Property giant expects P1-B sales revenues from the project
05/31/20181635-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1635-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld launches P6.5-B Residential Tower in McKinley West - 25-storey Park McKinley West to offer spacious unit layouts of up to 336-square meters
05/31/20181618-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1618-2018 - Annual Corporate Governance Report for the Year 2017
05/29/20181591-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1591-2018 - Supersedes Disclosure No. 1415-2018 - Quarterly Report for Period Ended March 31, 2018 (SEC FORM 17-Q)
05/28/20181567-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1567-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld sold 70% of Shophouse District in Pampanga - Property giant expects P1-B sales from shophouse lots in Capital Town
05/18/20181501-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1501-2018 - Definitive Information Statement for Annual Stockholders' Meeting on June 15, 2018; Record Date on April 23, 2018
05/09/20181368-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1368-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Complete More Office Towers, Malls this Year - Company’s Q1 net profit soars 12.5% to P3.3-B driven by strong rental revenues
04/20/20181148-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1148-2018 - Notice of Analysts' Briefing on May 15, 2018 re: First Quarter 2018 Financial and Operating Results
04/16/20181042-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 1042-2018 - Public Ownership Report as of March 31, 2018
04/11/2018902-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 902-2018 - Top 100 Stockholders as of March 31, 2018
04/10/2018888-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 888-2018 - Notice and Agenda of Annual Stockholders' Meeting on June 15, 2018; Record Date on April 23, 2018
04/6/2018871-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 871-2018 - Annual Report for Fiscal Year Ended December 31, 2017 (SEC Form 17-A)
04/6/2018861-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 861-2018 - Supersedes Disclosure No. 857-2018 - Press Release: "MEGAWORLD CORPORATION RETURNS TO THE INTERNATIONAL BOND MARKET WITH A USD DENOMINATED FIXED-FOR-LIFE SENIOR PERPETUAL OFFERING"
04/5/2018857-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 857-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Corporation has successfully priced US$200 million of Fixed-For-Life Senior Perpetual Notes
04/4/2018840-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 840-2018 - Pursuant to Disclosure No. 812-2018 - Press Release
04/2/2018812-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 812-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Corporation has mandated J.P Morgan as the Sole Bookrunner to arrange a series of fixed income investor meetings in Singapore and Hong Kong commencing on April 3,2018
03/28/2018802-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 802-2018 - Audited Financial Statements and Subsidiaries as of December 31, 2017 and 2016
03/26/2018777-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 777-2018 - Press Release: "MEGAWORLD’S 2017 NET INCOME JUMPS 13.4%, SETS P60-B CAPEX THIS YEAR"
03/23/2018755-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 755-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to include museums, urban artworks in townships - Township developer opens its first museum in Iloilo Business Park this month
03/20/2018725-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 725-2018 - Notice of Record Date - MEG Fixed Rate Series B Bonds Due 2024 (March 26, 2018)
03/19/2018718-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 718-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to turn over P30-B worth of Fort projects this year - Around 2,300 residential units are due for turnover in McKinley Hill, McKinley West and Uptown Bonifacio
03/06/2018571-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 571-2018 - Notice of Analysts' Briefing on April 6, 2018 re: Full-year Financial and Operating Results of 2017
03/05/2018553-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 553-2018 - Press Release: "MEGAWORLD TO OPEN FIRST SHOOL VENTURE IN THE VISAYAS"
02/27/2018499-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 499-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld's Westside City Capex Expands to P121-B - Property giant sees big potential in expanding offerings in the township near Manila Bay
02/20/2018441-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 441-2018 - Initial Statement of Beneficial Ownership of Securities - February 2018 (SEC FORM 23-A)
02/15/2018426-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 426-2018 - Election of Director
02/12/2018402-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 402-2018 - Clarification of News Article: "Megaworld's Tan: 2017 was a very good year"
02/08/2018371-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 371-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Develop Davao Park District into Smart Township - 11-ha Mixed-use Dev't to Highlight Features of a 'Township of the Future', the First in Mindanao
02/07/2018353-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 353-2018 - Clarification of News Article: "Developer to open 3 more malls in '18"
02/05/2018329-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 329-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Open P2.2-B Mall in Iloilo Business Park This Year - Festive Walk Mall is Megaworld's First and Biggest Full-scale Mall Outside Luzon
01/31/2018298-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 298-2018 - Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership of Securities - January 2018 (SEC FORM 23-B)
01/29/2018274-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 274-2018 - Demise of a Director
01/29/2018273-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 273-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld to Future-Proof Developments, Rolls Out iTownships
01/23/2018237-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 237-2018 - Certificate of Board Attendance for the Year 2017
01/22/2018229-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 229-2018 - Press Release: Megaworld Sells 80% of Maple Grove Commercial District in 45 Days
01/15/2018153-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 153-2018 - Public Ownership Report as of December 31, 2017
01/15/2018140-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 140-2018 - Press Release: "Southwoods Office Towers get PEZA accreditation"
01/12/2018130-2018Megaworld CorporationDisclosure No. 130-2018 - Top 100 Stockholders as of December 31, 2017

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