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The Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp. (PDEx) was incorporated in 2003 to provide trading infrastructure for the fixed-income (FI) market.

As a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)-registered FI Securities Market, PDEx operates the organized secondary market for the trading of FI securities which includes both Government and Corporate Securities.

PDEx, as an SRO, has been given authority by the SEC to create and enforce its own rules, monitor and enforce compliance with securities laws and regulations, and enforce fair, ethical and efficient practices in the securities market with the primordial objective of investor protection. It enables the maintenance of a level playing field among players in the market, to assure investors of fairness and safety in the marketplace.

PDEx is also responsible for calculating the Philippine Dealing System Treasury Reference Rates (PDST Rates). This system may be used as the basis for valuing and marking-to-market interest rate-sensitive instruments.