In the olden days of open land and unbridled opportunities, the early communities organized themselves within the security of a walled city. Prominent in these walled structures were the towers which both served to link the walls heading in different directions and stood over the four corners of the community.

The PDS Group tower symbolizes the same qualities and service of the towers of old. Its broad and heavy base shows its strength in foundation, ability to weather adversity, and growth potential, backed by the support and oneness of its community. Its steep and inclined walls point upwards towards the realization of an ideal that is looked up to by the community. And its peak is the vantage point from which it can observe all that take place within the walls of the community it shelters, and the untapped opportunities that lie beyond.

The tower is also emblematic of reliability and integrity. With its perfect symmetry, it stands squarely facing the world, looks the same from all angles, and looks outward without fear or favor. Our reason for being is to serve the collective market interest, and see to the balancing of forces of each market segment. The PDS Group is aware that achieving these interests is a vital element in the building of a strong community.

The PDS Group stands at the forefront of change. It ushered in a new era in the securities marketplace. It undertakes this mission with the virtues of the tower.