The PDS Academy for Market Development Corp. or PDS Academy is a non-stock, non-profit association driven to sponsor and conduct training programs and symposia intended to promote an active dialogue among stakeholders in the Philippine financial markets. It aims to enhance public knowledge of relevant topics and issues by providing a wide range of quality market-based education programs to its members and public investors.

Its activities the past year have been towards gearing the Academy for its mandate, by exploration of the following programs that cater to different stakeholders:
• Learning Facilities
• Dealer/Broker Development
• Public Investor Development
• Market-based Education Programs

The PDSA has the PDS Officers Development Program – a six-month program which aims to train candidates for officership. Its curriculum uses diversified learning methods that engage and nurture the candidates’ experience in the Program. It includes an overview of the capital markets, in-depth courses of the firm’s products and services, and a study of industry regulatory and risk frameworks.

The PDS Academy also provides learning facilities beyond the four walls of the classroom as it renders an avenue for market participants, investors, and regulators to learn from one another. This is fulfilled through roadshow training, investor education, and partnership with financial institutions. These activities raise awareness and provide market stakeholders an opportunity for sharing knowledge and experience on capital and financial markets.