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China Banking Corporation
China Bank Building
8745 Paseo de Roxas corner Villar Street
Makati City 1226 Philippines

Listed Outstanding Securities

Name of Security
Series Code
Amount Issued
Coupon Rate
Coupon Frequency
Coupon Dates
Types of Admission
Admission Date
Broker Specialists (Issue-Specific)
Market Maker/s
Purchase Advice
CHIB LTNCTD Due 2022CHIB 05-22PhP 9.588 B3.2500%4Feb 18
May 18
Aug 18
Nov 18

China Banking Corporation 3.65% LTNCTD Due December 2022CHIB 12-22PhP 6.348 B3.6500%4Mar 2
Jun 2
Sept 2
Dec 2

China Banking Corporation LTNCTD Due 2024CHIB 01-24PhP 10.250 B4.5500%4Jan 12
Apr 12
Jul 12
Oct 12
CHIB Fixed Rate Bonds Due 2021CHIB 01-21PhP 30 B5.7000%12On the 10th day of each monthListing10-Jul-19

Matured or Redeemed Securities


Filing Date
Disclosure No.
Listed Issuer
Disclosure Title
02/20/2020483-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 483-2020 - Result of Executive Committee Meeting: Appointment of Officer
02/19/2020482-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 482-2020 - BSP Approval of the Issuance of up to Php 15 Billion Unsecured Subordinated Debt
02/13/2020443-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 443-2020 - Result of Executive Committee Meeting: Retirement of Officer
02/10/2020408-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 408-2020 - List of Subsidiaries and Affiliates as of January 31, 2020
02/06/2020385-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 385-2020 - Change in Shareholdings of a Principal Officer
02/06/2020384-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 384-2020 - Result of Board Meeting: Approval of the 2020 Rules Governing the Nomination and Election of Directors
02/06/2020383-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 383-2020 - Result of Board Meeting: Interlocking Appointment of Officer
02/05/2020367-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 367-2020 - Initial Statement of Beneficial Ownership of Securities - February 2020 (SEC FORM 23-A)
02/05/2020366-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 366-2020 - Statement of Condition (Banks and Financial Subsidiaries; Head Office and Branches) as of December 31, 2019
01/16/2020181-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 181-2020 - Public Ownership Report as of December 31, 2019
01/15/2020138-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 138-2020 - Top 100 Stockholders as of December 31, 2019
01/10/2020083-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 083-2020 - List of Subsidiaries and Affiliates as of December 31, 2019
01/03/2020018-2020China Banking CorporationDisclosure No. 018-2020 - Certificate of Board Attendance for the Year 2019

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