The Registry provides a suite of services for recordkeeping and maintains the official record of registered holders for issuers. Issuers may avail of this service bundled with payment services, enabling the registry to perform payments to holders on record, on behalf of the issuer.

This service can also be used to support an issuer’s existing registry infrastructure to deepen its capabilities with the PDS Registry capacities for an integrated marketplace that allows trading across tax classes and recording of foreign currency denominated securities.


As a Registry, PDTC establishes, maintains, and updates the records of ownership of Securities. The Registry Account shall reflect the balance of Securities owned by the Registered Holder resulting from purchase in a primary issuance of Securities or from sale or transfer or assignments as well as annotations such as pledge or lien.
Corporate Action

PDTC Registry computes the entitlements of each Registered Holder of the Securities for which the Issuer of Securities is taking action as of the defined Record Date. It also computes the corresponding withholding taxes based on the tax rates as declared by the Registered Holder and on the instruction of the Issuer of Securities.
Paying Agency

As a Paying Agent, PDTC ensures distribution of periodic dividend, interest and principal payments to registered holders on record on behalf of the issuer. Payments are made via credit to the bank accounts (nominated PDS-Accredited Settlement Banks of the Registered Holders) on the issuer’s declared payment date.

Upon submission of required documents for pledge from both the pledgor and the pledgee, PDTC Registry can effect recording or annotation of interests or liens on the Securities of any Registered Holder in the Registry arising from transactions such as but not limited to pledge or escrow.