IMPORTANT NOTE : PDS Treasury Reference Rates R1 and R2 have been decommissioned as of October 26, 2018 end-of-day.

Government Securities
The following data are generated from the Secondary Market for Government Securities operated by PDEx:

  • Active Securities (PhP and Foreign Denominated) – Summary data of actively traded government securities for the day
  • Government Securities Board Summary (PhP and Foreign Denominated) – Summary data of government securities listed and traded in PDEx
  • Foreign Currency Denominated Time and Sales
  • PDS Treasury Reference Rates. Key benchmark rates generated from the PDS Calculation services, computed based on the PDS Calculation Guidelines.

PDST-F supports repricing of earlier-issued debt securities and derivative contracts or other interest-rate sensitive instruments that still use contributed bid rates for a reference rate. PDST-F is computed daily at 11:15 am.

PDST-R1 and PDST-R2 are generated from Government Securities price and trade data and form the default risk-free benchmark reference rates for the repricing of loans, securities, derivative transactions and other interest-rate sensitive instruments to be issued, and the bases for market valuation of Government Securities and other PHP-denominated fixed income securities. PDST-R1 is computed at 11:15 am, while PDST-R2 is computed daily at 4:15 pm.

  • PDS Interpolated Rates (PDSI-F, PDSI-R1 and PDSI-R2) are derived from the PDST Rates and are intended to serve as market valuation reference data for less liquid and non-Benchmark Philippine Treasury Securities that have no traded price or yield data.