PDS FI provides direct, speedy electronic access to registered fixed income markets operated by PDEx, a registered Self-Regulatory Organization. It allows multiple modes of execution across market segments including dealers, qualified investors and public investors through their brokers.   Trades are centrally captured and linked straight through to delivery-versus payment settlement systems via PDS Clear.

Diversified platforms to match trade execution strategies and capabilities include:

  • PDS FI Quote is the platform for quote-driven trade execution via negotiated dealing screens or board-posted live price quotes.
  • PDS FI Order is the platform for order-driven trade execution with an electronic order book and matching engine which provides pre-trade anonymity and an assortment of order methods.
  • PDS FI Dealer is the workstation highly configurable to the needs of Dealers and Market Makers, optimizing access to the quote driven and order driven capabilities of the system, with a separate electronic book (House) for these units.
  • PDS FI Broker is the workstation customized to carry out the brokerage activities of registered representatives of public investors. It has separate electronic books for order and trade execution on behalf of these units’ clients.
  • PDS FI Trader is the workstation designed for Qualified Investor Participants accessing the PDS FI Markets.