PDS Value Management provides key fiduciary activities intended to optimize Members’ utilization of the securities held under guardianship at the Depository. These activities support PDS REPO and PDS SECLEND programs and offer bilateral agreements (e.g. pledge or collateral) to PDS Members.

It ensures adequacy of transaction cover against transaction values protecting parties to a transaction and the market at large.

Collateral Management System Operator
PDTC has been accredited to operate a Collateral Management System, which accepts all eligible assets intended to cover transactions under the PDEx Inter-Professional Repurchase Agreement Market Program and PDEx Securities Lending Transactions Program under a transfer of title legal arrangement.

As Collateral Manager, PDTC’s services monitor the adequacy of transaction cover against transaction values, on the basis of contractually agreed levels and methodologies, protecting both parties to the transaction as well as the market at large. These services can also alleviate temporary stresses in the cash markets that could lead to failed settlements, thus strengthening securities distribution channels.